Application Forms for Distribute information to Foreign Media

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Application Forms for Distribute information to Foreign Media

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  • 1. Release Distribution

  • 2. Release Listing (No check necessary for distribution only)

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Press Release File (Up to 5 MB)

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*Please submit a Word file that is 5 MB or less.
When distributing a press release in both English and Japanese, please either submit both in a single file or send a compressed file of a folder with both files in it.
*If you have problems uploading the file, please send it by email to sc[at]

[When Using the Release Listing Service]

Please provide images along with the text of the release. (Even if it is just a logo, please provide at least one image that will be used as the main image).
* When using together with the press release service, there is no need to send the text separately.

Notes on Uploading Images
(1) Please email the images here (sc[at] If they will total 5 MB or more in size, please split them up into several emails
(2) Maximum number of images: 12. One will be placed beside the title at the beginning, as well as being placed at the end with the rest of the images in centered rows of three
(3) File format: JPG, PNG, or GIF
(4) Image size: At least 260 pixels wide (or 180 pixels high), with a file size of approximately 400 KB per image

=> Sample Layout
=> Click here to see the page the listing will be made on

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