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Date : October 5, 2017

Are Measures to Handle Vacant Houses Progressing? —Two Years After the Vacant Houses Special Measures Act (Mr. Hidetaka Yoneyama, Senior Fellow, Fujitsu Research Institute)

post date : 2017.09.07

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Due to factors such as population decline and an increase in nuclear-family households, the vacancy rate for houses in Japan reached a record high of 13.5% (about 8.2 million) in 2013, but since the Vacant Houses Special Measures Act came into full effect in 2015 local governments have been working on measures to deal with the issue. It is estimated that by the end of March 2018, over 50% of all municipal governments will create a plan for measures based on this act.


Nationwide, there are approximately 6,400 “designated vacant houses” in danger of collapsing or with other issues which municipal governments have given advice or guidance on how to fix, with some having been forcibly demolished by local governments. In coordination with measures for vacant houses, private initiatives to revitalize communities and local government policies for compact cities are also being carried out.


The FPCJ has invited Mr. Hidetaka Yoneyama, Senior Research Fellow at

the Fujitsu Research Institute and an expert on residential and property policies, to speak about the progress on and issues facing measures for vacant houses, two years after the Vacant Houses Special Measures Act came into effect.   


Date:  October 5 (Thu), 2017, 14:00-15:30

Place: Foreign Press Center Japan (6th fl., Nippon Press Center Bldg.)

Language: Japanese (with consecutive English interpretation)


*Embassy representatives and FPCJ supporting members may also attend the briefing as observers 

    (admission free).

*No car park is available. Please use a nearby car park if you come by car.


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